SCIS & ISIS 2002
Final Paper Submission Instructions

For a paper to be included in the proceedings of SCIS/ISIS2002, we require submission of your paper by the (extended) deadline of September 25, 2002 and registration of at least one author. In case you submit your paper without any registration, your paper will not be included in the proceeding. The registration web page is visited from the top page of SCIS/ISIS2002,

Paper Length

Please keep your paper length within the limit of 6 pages. Otherwise, you'll have to pay excessive page charge. Detailed instructions are found in the sample paper (from here).

*Sample Paper of Final Paper Format[pdf]

How to Submit a Final Paper

Please enter the web page for final paper submission by specifying you paper ID. After you enter the web page, please proceed as the system requests. First, author information and abstract should be specified. Next, you can proceed to the page for uploading your pdf file. Please note that the maximum size of your file is 1.5MB. After you submit your final paper, you'll be unable to resubmit. If you should update your final paper, you must email to the address specified in Remark 3 below.

*Enter the submission page from here: [Enter]

Remark 1: In case you do not remember your paper ID, you should email to if you are an author of a regular paper, or you should contact your session organizer if you are an author of an organized session.

Remark 2: You are requested to first input your author information: author name(s), affiliation(s), fax and email address, and abstract of maximum 200 words before you upload your paper.

Remark 3: Although we strongly recommend that you should submit your paper through the web page, several authors may fail to submit their papers using the web submission system. In such a case, you could email to: and attaching the pdf file. In the email you should specify your paper ID, author information, and abstract as described in Remark 2.

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